Memory usage is still high after a finished query

Hello All,
We are using Influxdb OSS v2 as our time-series database in our startup. Our total database size is 3 GB, and we hadn’t any problem writing data to the database. But after query to the database, our Memory (RAM)usage goes up and never comes down even after the query has finished! Even though there is no query or writing or any process on Influxdb.

So if we continue to execute a new query to Influxdb, it uses more memory, and at some point, it causes memory and swap to get full and system freeze


We also use default config setting

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Hi @morteza_24, what patch version of OSS v2 are you using when you see this behavior? At least one memory leak has been identified and fixed in later versions, so I’d recommend trying an upgrade if you aren’t already on the newest code.


hi @ dan-moran , i upgrade my influx to last version but the problem is still there.

Hi @morteza_24

I use the following command to launch influxd

env GODEBUG=madvdontneed=1 /usr/bin/influxd

The memory usage looks much better. The memory usage of influxd would increase while querying, but after a while the memory usage is decrease.

Hope it works for your case.