InfluxDB 2.0.4 memory usage

Hello everyone,

I have set up an InfluxDB instance on a VM running Ubuntu 18.04 (1 CPU, 1 GB).
I’ve had a problem with increasing memory usage over time - even with very limited read and writes.
Some other posts have references this same issue, but I haven’t seen a conclusion to why this is happening. See picture:

Blue: memory usage
Orange: CPU usage

When the memory usage peaks the machine will become unresponsive for 5-15 minutes, before resuming to a more reasonable level of memory usage.

Does anyone know a solution to this? Does InfluxDB 2.0 have a memory leak?

Thank you! :smile:

No even a comment on this. We’re on 2.0.7 and having a similar issue. Memory starts growing and it doesn’t seem to get released ever. There is mostly writes to the database and some reads once an hour.