Trying to connect to localhost:8086 from multiple applications

I’m using influxdb-1.8.9-1 and connecting via the default 8086 port. This works fine if I connect from only one application eg I’m sending K6 output to influxdb. However if I try to connect to influxdb from another application simultaneously it fails to connect eg grafana or an opentelemetry receiver.
In the influxdb.conf I note the following

The maximum number of HTTP connections that may be open at once. New connections that

would exceed this limit are dropped. Setting this value to 0 disables the limit.

max-connection-limit = 0
It looks like this defaults to unlimited but I’ve set it explicitly as well
I still can’t get more than one HTTP connection open at once though to http://localhost:8086
What am I doing wrong?

Hell @perrinj3,
How are you connecting to another application? And where and at what point are you getting the error? Where are you running InfluxDB?

Hello @Anaisdg
I’ve done some more investigation and the issue seems to be with the Opentelemetry receiver that I am testing to extract data from InfluxDB.
Everything is running on one local server as we are developing an opentelemetry solution.
I run a k6 test which connects to influxdb using a command line
Then I am connecting to influxdb with Grafana and Chronograf for monitoring the test results.
That all works fine. However if I start the Opentelemtry collector (before connecting anything else) which has a receiver defined which connects to the localhost:8086 endpoint this appears to block the port and stop anything else connecting. So when the collector is running k6 fails to write to influxdb and grafana and chronograf fail to connect.
So it does appear to be an issue with Opentelemetry but I don’t know why it’s blocking everything else when connected. It does ultimately extract data from Influxdb so the connection is working. I’ve got an open question with Opentelemetry about configuring the Influxdb receiver so I’ll raise the issue there.
I’m happy to provide any further information if it will help

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Hello @perrinj3,
Thanks for digging deeper and sharing. I hope you find an answer there.