[Solved]Connection to 8086 from a different IP address fails


Hi guys,

When I try to retreive db info locally using:
curl -G http://localhost:8086/query -u :*** --data-urlencode “q=SHOW DATABASES”
I do get a list of the db info, but when I try it from a different ip ( it should run telegraf one day) address from same subnet I get:
curl(7) Failed to connect to port 8086: Timed out

I do have network connectivity. I did disable the firewall (the machine that I’m testing from is Windows Server 2016).
The machine where influxdb is installed is CentOS. nmap shows port 8086/tcp open d-s-n.
Any suggestion what I’m missing or I did wrong?

Thank you in advance!


Nevermind… It was blocked by the linux firewall…

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