Trouble configuring Telegraf inputs.influxdb to send metric drain data to New Relic


I am having some trouble getting Telegraf v1.26.0 configured to work with my InfluxDB v1.8 database that is hosted on Aptible. Only the default debug/vars URL seems to output any data to my New Relic account but none of the metric drain data appears to be getting to New Relic. Setting my URL to https://: results in a 404 error:

E! [inputs.influxdb] Error in plugin: 404 Not Found

https://:/debug/vars works fine and I can see this data in New Relic.

I have my inputs.influxdb section configured like this:

    urls = [
    username = <username>
    password = <password>

And outputs.newrelic:

    insights_key = <api-key>

I’m new to InfluxDB and Telegraf I am assuming that the debug/vars URL is solely for debugging data and using a URL consisting of : should get me to my metrics data? And if my assumptions are correct (or even incorrect), do you have any ideas as to what I could try to get to my data in New Relic?

Thank you!


The influxdb input plugin does not get data, it only gets metrics from an influxdb instance. If you want to pull data out of influxdb, I would suggest looking at the client libraries so you can query your data and then send it somewhere.