TLS handshake error from EOF

I am unable to scape metrics from an https connection even though the cert is signed and shows as valid when accessing from a browser.

error log:

msg=“http: TLS handshake error from EOF” log_id=0VCQY49l000 service=http
http: TLS handshake error from remote error: tls: bad certificate" log_id=0VCQY49l000 service=http
Unable to gather" log_id=0VCQY49l000 error=“Get “https://xxxx:8086/metrics”: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”

@Matthew_Brumpton as a work-around, you can register your scraper via a direct API call and set the “skip verify” flag. See this comment: How to Configure Scraper to Skip Validation on Self-signed Certificates - #2 by dan-moran

Just clarify, it is the influx metrics scaper that is not working over an https connection