SSL Error while writing to InfluxDB 2.7.6 using Python3

I am using InfluxDBClient to write metrices to influxDB 2.7.6 using https.

Initialize the InfluxDB client

client = InfluxDBClient(url=influxdb_url, token=influxdb_token, org=influxdb_org, ssl_ca_cert=ca_cert_path)

# Initialize the write API
write_api = client.write_api(write_options=SYNCHRONOUS)

However i am getting below exception: (0)
Reason: SSLError
[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:897)

From the same host i am able to curl to influx https endpoint.

Log shows below error:
msg=“http: TLS handshake error from :26724: local error: tls: bad record MAC” log_id=0pdgWPrl000 service=http

Any clue will be helpful.

Thank You