Timestamp wrong by ~1m


I’m running a Smartthings + InfluxDB + Grafana setup, which is working great expect for a small problem I am having where somewhere in the chain, the data appears to be delayed by about 75 seconds.

The smartthings hub appears to react to changes within a second and send the data instantly, for example at 18:28:12 I turned a heater on, which is correctly timestamped in the InfluxDB log in the Smartthings IDE:

18:28:12: info handleEvent(): Energy Meter(power:W) 4120.782

However, this value doesn’t appear on my Grafana graph until 18:29:27 representing a delay of 75 seconds.

The duration is correct, I turned the heater off after a minute, and sure enough, a minute later, the value returns to normal in Grafana.

I’m assuming this is something to do with InfluxDB but I’m not entirely sure. Does anyone have any idea where I should start to look?