Timestamp insert and show it on the grafana

I have data that inserted in following JSON format:

time: 1583285763,
temperature: 29.094

On the influxdb, query data shows:

time Temperature

1583285653 27.6288
1583285643 27.6242
1583285633 27.6242
1583285623 27.6242
1583285612 27.6173
1583285602 27.6173
1583285588 27.6333

The problem is i want to show data on Grafana, all the timestamp data show year 1970.
Check the timestamp value using www.epochconverter.com for example; for timestamp value 1583285653 show Wednesday, March 4, 2020 1:34:13 AM.

So i think i have store the correct timestamp format on influxdb. The timestamp data have second precision.

So what is the solution, so the grafana can read a correct timestamp value.


If I remember correctly the timestamp must have nanosecond precision, even if you set the precision to seconds (in telegraf or using api)

Edit: I’ve found another question with a similar timestamp problem, see: