Telegraf writing wrong Timestamp on Influxdb


Hi everyone,
Im writing the following metrics with the Exec plugin to Influxdb:

metrics,entity=SERVICE-F08D806E7EF685CF timeseriesId=“com.dynatrace.builtin:service.responsetime”,metric=783708.7 1515589200000

When reading the Influxdb measurement:

1516000000000 SERVICE-F08D806E7EF685CF alexis-HP-Laptop-15-bs0xx 783708.7 com.dynatrace.builtin:service.responsetime

The problem i’m having is the following: As you can see in the measurement result, 1516000000000 is the timestamp and not 1515589200000 as it should. This is making the influx override my metrics when a new one arrives, since every single metric arrive with the 1516000000000 timestamp and overwrites the previous one.

Example of the problem:
The following metric arrives:

metrics,entity=SERVICE-F08D806E7EF685CF timeseriesId=“com.dynatrace.builtin:service.responsetime”,metric=87039.625 1515589260000

When doing the measurement query:

1516000000000 SERVICE-F08D806E7EF685CF alexis-HP-Laptop-15-bs0xx 87039.625 com.dynatrace.builtin:service.responsetime

Previous metric got replaced because a new one arrived with the same timestamp.

Thanks on advance.
As always I tag you @daniel.


Make sure you are using nanosecond precision on the timestamps, you should have more digits: 1515619327000000000