Time outside range


I am trying to override the timestamp that influxdb stores but I am getting outside range error. I’ve read that influxdb stores time in UNIX nanoseconds format.

I dont see why 1558726205000000000 is out of range. Do i need to store it in millisecs ?

Non recoverable exception while writing to InfluxDB {:exception=>#<InfluxDB::Error: {"error":"unable to parse 'requests,clientip=,repo=api resource=\"/api\token\",resource_name=\"token\",requesttype=\"REQUEST\",method=\"GET\",statuscode=\"200\",username=\"anonymous\",bytes=0i,host=\"SARI-M-C5\",resource_path=\"docker/docker-login/v2/token\",duration=5i,path=\"/test-arti.log\",resource_type=\"docker/token\" 1558726205000000000': time outside range -9223372036854775806 - 9223372036854775806"}

Hi naveenrt23

which precision did you use?

you can specify the ns precision,
or not specify, precision defaults to ns.

but if you specify an incorrect precision (ex: u, ms), time will be out of the representable range.

Thanks, i did add the config to specify it as “ns”