Output time format for v2 not consistent

Using the REST api, I sent a JSON object with

{ query:"...",time_precision:"ms"}

I get time stamps with different precision, this is making it hard for me to parse the time!

Is there a way to keep the output time format consistent?

I get different time precision in the output (e.g., 2019-12-02T00:00:20.168999936Z or 2019-12-02T00:00:20Z )

I tried changing the dialect but that had no effect.

                      "encoding": "utf-8",
                      "lineTerminators": ["\r\n", "\n"],
                      "quoteChar": "\"",
                      "doubleQuote": True,
                      "skipRows": 0,
                      "commentPrefix": "#",
                      "header": True,
                      "headerRowCount": 1,
                    "dateTimeFormat": "RFC3339",
                      "delimiter": ",",
                      "skipColumns": 1,
                      "skipBlankRows": True,
                      "skipInitialSpace": True,
                      "trim": True

Hello @phanostech,
Just checking, but were the points stored with the same timestamp precision?

no, all points in the influxdb bucket/measurement were written using unixtime nanoseconds precision

Hello @phanostech,
Can you please share me the json you were writing?
As well as the request?