WritingPrecision is NS but "_time" is shown and used in queries in MS precision

I started to work with InfluxDB OSS 2.7.1 and Java Client 6.7.0.
I store different Points from Java with the Precision of NS: Example:
Instant timestamp = Instant.parse(“2023-05-22T00:00:00.000000Z”);
Point point = Point.measurement(object.getClassName())
.addField(“name”, object.getId())
.time(timestamp, WritePrecision.NS);
Nevertheless the _time is displayed in “RFC3339” in the Data Explorer, which has a precision of MS (when I understand the documentation correctly).
The problem is that I use the _time column in my flux queries from java and it seems that internally only MS is used for my calculations as well. Since there are some differences in my data only in NS, I really need the precision of NS.
In the documentation there is something written like “RFC3339Nano timestamp” but I don’t understand how I can achieve this format.
I’m confused, since everything in influx should be stored in NS.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve that my data is calculated with the precision of NS?
I had also already tried to store the timestamp as long with the length of nanoseconds. Unfortunately the problem remained.

Thanks in advance!



I found out that I make a mistake in my Java code - it is calculating everything in ns.