Time coming back as epoch ns now?

I am querying an influx3/iox bucket using the influxdb3-java library. In the query result we receive a Stream<Object> which is basically one object per row with the various columns in the array. When accessing the time column, I’m fairly certain we used to get something like parseable string like “2024-07-08 00:00:00”. This has worked fine for some time now, probably close to a year. However starting today it looks like this column is now returning an epoch time to the nanosecond - 1720450034573000000 for example. Was this change intentional? I was using an older version of the library but did also try the latest version with the same result.

Hi, if you’re using queryPoints(), then the change in format might be related to this serialization change in the Java client. Also, see the formatting example under Usage.