Inserting data point. Submitted time is off by seconds in InfluxDB

When I insert a point measurement, the epoch time being submitted is: 1620317915381

This epoch time converts to: 2021/05/06 16:18:35 381 UTC

The recorded value in InfluxDB is: 2021-05-06T16:18:40Z

Why is the time I submitted being changed by a few seconds? I have run multiple scenarios and there is always a difference between the recorded time in InfluxDB an the time that I submit. What am I missing?

I just updated the java API and the server ( now 2.0.6) to the latest builds. The time delta on multiple test runs has increase by a few more seconds.

@dcaho Do the points you’re sending from the Java client include a timestamp? Or are you letting the timestamp be inferred by InfluxDB?

Hi Scott. I am including the timestamp in the points.

I have found that the data is not being modified in the database. If I read the data back via the API I get back out what I submitted.

The confusion comes from the UI. It is not clear that when you look at ‘raw data’ views that it is being aggregated/windowed by default (unless you very pay close attention). If I drop into script view and remove the windowing, then I can also see the raw data in the UI.

This UI ‘feature’ is confusing a lot of people. The defect, and given the level of confusion I would treat this as a defect, is that the UI needs to be refined. The current raw data view should be something like ‘data view’ and the addition of a real ‘raw data’ view button would help to resolve the confusion. The short of it is, ‘raw data’ should really be raw.

Thanks for responding!

@dcaho This is good feedback that you may consider submitting in an issue on the InfluxDB UI repo.