TICKscript doesn't seems to be running correctly

I’m trying to build a quite simple script, however it doesn’t seems to be running, I’m receiving the following error in the watch logs for the task:
lvl=error msg=“failed to realize reduce context from fields” service=kapacitor task_master=main task=testing node=influxdb_out8 err=“field “free_storage_space_minimum” missing from point”

The script looks like that:

dbrp "telegraf"."autogen"

var db = 'telegraf'

var rp = 'autogen'

var measurement = 'cloudwatch_aws_es'

var groupBy = []

var whereFilter = lambda: ("domain_name" == 'backend01-dev')

var period = 1m

var every = 30s

var name = 'testing'

var idVar = name

var message = 'DEV {{.Level}}: {{.ID}} {{ index .Fields "value" }}'

var idTag = 'alertID'

var levelTag = 'level'

var messageField = 'message'

var durationField = 'duration'

var outputDB = 'chronograf'

var outputRP = 'autogen'

var outputMeasurement = 'alerts'

var triggerType = 'threshold'

var details = 'Please take action ASAP'

var crit = 10.0

var warn = 20.0

// var info = 30.0
var info = 50.0

var data = stream

// var percentage = eval(lambda: float("free_value")/float("disk_value") * 100.0)

var trigger = data
    |eval(lambda: "free_value"/"disk_value" * 100)
        .info(lambda: float('percentage') < info)
        .warn(lambda: float('percentage') < warn)
        .crit(lambda: float('percentage') < crit)

    |eval(lambda: float('percentage'))
        .tag('alertName', name)
        .tag('triggerType', triggerType)


Can anyone help me to understand where the problem is? It seems like it missing starting point, however there is a period and every defined.

Also, is there a way to actually output your “values” to the watch script? It will be very helpful in future debugging.

I would hazard a guess that the field free_storage_space_minimum is missing from point, based on the error message you quote. Are you sure that your points have that as a field?

I not sure what you mean by “values” and “watch script” but perhaps you could have a look at the log() node: LogNode | Kapacitor 1.5 Documentation

By the way, note that you can use the “preformatted text” button in the editor (looks like </> ) on this website to help format your script text. Makes it a lot easier for people to read.