TICK script without dbrp declaration

I have a several agents which sends data to kapacitor with different databases and retention policies. It’s not known in advance which agent will write data to which databases, so I haven’t fixed set of dbrp-s.
I want to write task which will process all data what are coming to kapacitor and send it to remote InfluxDB.

If I write something like this


kapacitor throws error that dbrp should be specified.

Is it possible to use TICK scripts without dbrp declaration or specify some wildcard to solve this issue?
Thank you.

hi @mrVladOS , welcome to the community !

you can use the -dbrp option when defining a task

a dbrp is always required in a tick script I haven’t seen examples with wildcards …

hope this helps

Hi, @MarcV!
I guess it can’t solve problem
I want to define just one task which will process data from all available databases and retention policies. Is it possible?

I don’t know if you can solve it using task templates