Kapacitor not reading from a new dbrp

I am using Kapacitor OSS version 1.5.9 with InfluxDB 2.0.4

I have two tick scripts enabled, both are simple test scripts, but with two different dbrp. One is working and other is not.

kapacitor.conf is as follows:

  bind-address = ":9092"
  auth-enabled = false
  log-enabled = true
  write-tracing = false
  pprof-enabled = true
  https-enabled = false
  https-certificate = "/etc/ssl/kapacitor.pem"
  https-private-key = ""
  shutdown-timeout = "10s"
  shared-secret = ""
  enabled = true
  name = "localhost"
  default = true
  urls = ["http://localhost:8086"]
  username = "mydb"
  password = "myorg123"
  ssl-ca = ""
  ssl-cert = ""
  ssl-key = ""
  insecure-skip-verify = false
  timeout = "0s"
  disable-subscriptions = true
  subscription-protocol = "http"
  subscription-mode = "cluster"
  kapacitor-hostname = ""
  http-port = 0
  udp-bind = ""
  udp-buffer = 1000
  udp-read-buffer = 0
  startup-timeout = "5m0s"
  subscriptions-sync-interval = "1m0s"
  subscription-path = ""
  compression = "none"
    _kapacitor = ["autogen"]

I have created my second user and dbrp using the following commands:

# influx v1 auth create --org myorg --username mydb --password myorg123 --write-bucket 3ebfdcb741a55841 --read-bucket 3ebfdcb741a55841
ID                      Description     Name / Token    User Name       User ID                 Permissions
077b2047993fa000                        mydb             admin          07629ab16d4f6000        [read:orgs/1fbb239dff290f87/buckets/3ebfdcb741a55841 write:orgs/1fbb239dff290f87/buckets/3ebfdcb741a55841]
# influx v1 dbrp create --db mydb --rp autogen --bucket-id 3ebfdcb741a55841 --org myorg --default
ID                      Database        Bucket ID               Retention Policy        Default Organization ID
077b208d57bfa000        mydb             3ebfdcb741a55841        autogen                 true    1fbb239dff290f87

Previously I had defined another user for connecting to telegraf db using this command:

$ influx v1 dbrp create --org myorg --db telegraf --rp 30days --bucket-id d3d999f5ba713ad3
ID                      Database        Bucket ID               Retention Policy        Default Organization ID
07738569db7fa000        telegraf        d3d999f5ba713ad3        30days                  false   1fbb239dff290f87

$ influx v1 auth create --org myorg --username kapacitorv1 --password myorg123 --write-bucket d3d999f5ba713ad3 --read-bucket d3d999f5ba713ad3
ID                      Description     Name / Token    User Name       User ID                 Permissions
077385be08bfa000                        kapacitorv1     admin          07629ab16d4f6000        [read:orgs/1fbb239dff290f87/buckets/d3d999f5ba713ad3 write:orgs/1fbb239dff290f87/buckets/d3d999f5ba713ad3]

The non working tickscript is

dbrp "mydb"."autogen"

        .id('{{ index .Tags "host"}}-cpu-usage')
        .message('{{ .ID}} is {{ .Level}} has CPU usage of: {{ index .Fields "system.cpu.idle.norm.pct" | printf "%0.2f"}}')
        .info(lambda: ("system.cpu.idle.norm.pct") < 50.0)
        .warn(lambda: ("system.cpu.idle.norm.pct") > 70.0)
        .crit(lambda: ("system.cpu.idle.norm.pct") > 85.0)

and working is:

dbrp "telegraf"."autogen"

        .groupBy('host', 'device')
        .id('{{ index .Tags "host"}}/disk-usage/{{ index .Tags "device" }}')
        .message('{{ .ID}}:{{ .Level}} has **usage** of: {{ index .Fields "used_percent"  | printf "%0.2f"}}')
        .info(lambda: "used_percent" > 36.0)
        .warn(lambda: "used_percent" > 70.0)
        .crit(lambda: "used_percent" > 85.0)
$ kapacitor stats ingress
Database   Retention Policy Measurement Points Received
_kapacitor autogen          edges                   952
_kapacitor autogen          ingress                1778
_kapacitor autogen          kapacitor               119
_kapacitor autogen          load                    119
_kapacitor autogen          nodes                   714
_kapacitor autogen          runtime                 119
_kapacitor autogen          topics                  833
telegraf   autogen          cpu                    4080
telegraf   autogen          disk                    240
telegraf   autogen          diskio                  960
telegraf   autogen          kernel                  120
telegraf   autogen          mem                     240
telegraf   autogen          processes               120
telegraf   autogen          swap                    240
telegraf   autogen          system                  360
# kapacitor list tasks
ID         Type      Status    Executing Databases and Retention Policies
cpualert   stream    enabled   true      ["mydb"."autogen"]
disk-alert stream    enabled   true      ["telegraf"."autogen"]

Not sure why its not working, any help is much appreciated.

I reread the docs again and found that Kapacitor do not support streams tasks with InfluxDB2. It was written in a bold note, but it slipped through!