Tick script editor


does anyone have a recommendation for a tick script editor?


@mantzas I’ve been using the TICK Syntax package for Atom and it works quite nicely. There is also a plugin for vim.

@jackzampolin nice. i just found a extension for visual studio code which does highlighting. https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=mattyjones.vscode-tickscript

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Thats a great one too! Also I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Chronograf has an integrated TICK Script editor.

yes, i got that from today’s presentation of autoscaling with tick stack. i think you gave me the answer.

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Thought that might have been you!

At the risk of reviving a dead thread, I’ve been working on a tickscript-mode for Emacs and thought it might be of interest to people here.

I saw that yesterday! Just need to figure out how to install it with spacemacs without it deleting it…

Also, Chronograf now has a tick script editor built in as of the latest version! :+1:

Awesome work! Took another shot when less tired and rtfm, now it’s working like a dream. The in-built kapacitor querying functions are a nice touch. :+1: