Thinking about storage types and best practice


I’m thinking about storage and would be interested on what others think.

  1. I was planning to have the wal stored on a RamDisk.
    This would be fast. Using RamDisk which as I understand can be written to many more times than a SDD, prolonging the life of the SDD (if it was used instead). I realise that during a power failure the wal would be lost and I am ok with this. Some RamDisks can however store their contents on a managed power down.
    If I lost the wal and rebooted would I just have missing series data or would their be other issues?

  2. Saving the Data location on a SDD or HDD
    There appears to be no real advantage as to which I use here. It isn’t continually written to the same location on memory/disk and then deleted, so wear isn’t an issue.


Hello @LikesChooks,

InfluxDB is designed to run on solid state drives (SSDs) and memory-optimized cloud instance. InfluxDB isn’t tested on hard disk drives (HDDs) and we don’t recommend HDDs for production. I’m not sure if there would be other complications, but that’s not advised. In fact even the index is stored on disk by default in 2.x: