The result of the continuous query why may be here for a long time in the new measurement?

To set a continuous queries, and record the results to the new measurement, but for the first time, record the results of the query to wait so long to back to save in the new measurement.If I manually perform continuous queries were immediately put the results of a query in the specified in the measurement

I set continuous query is create continuous query rome_tenseconds on Romehistory begin select mean(output) into Romehistory.rep_oneday.rep_tenseconds from Romehistory.rep_month.perfmance group by time(10s),hostname,command,performanceLabel,servicedesc,unit END

Hello @zsy,
So you’re continuous queries are taking too long to execute? But the query itself outside of a continuous query runs quickly?
That’s very odd.
That sounds like a bug. Unfortunately since we’re on version 3.x now there isn’t much engineering support for 1.x. I’d maybe try updating and restarting the deamon.

@Anaisdg Thanks for your reply.I want to know how to modify the time zone, I think that is a question of time zone difference between eight hours, because after 8 hours continuous query automatically write but time 8 hours local time with me。Thanks!