Influxdb1.8 to create a continuous query does not work?

I use influxdb1.8 to create a continuous query for a measurement, but
after the creation is successful, the database does not automatically
generate the specified data storage table? Has anyone encountered
this situation? Can you give me some guidance?
For example, my continuous query statement is:

  CREATE CONTINUOUS QUERY "cq_test" ON "test_database" 
        SELECT sum("number") INTO "sum_number" FROM
         "test_measurement" GROUP BY time(1d)

After executing it, the measurement “sum_number” is not automatically generated in the database of “test_database”.

Hi @yumi,
That is strange, have you been following the examples via the docs?,Automatically%20downsampling%20data,-Use%20a%20simple

yes,I just wrote the continuous query statement according to the specification of the document, but it doesn’t seem to take effect.