Continuous query run status

is there any way to check if a continuous query has run or not.

i created a continuous query cq1 as below:
create continuous query cq1 on db1 resample every 1m for 10m begin select * into m1_back from m1 group by * end

this query is supposed to run the select query every 1m and fetch data for previus 10m.
how can i verify is this query has completed succesfully, becasue i cannot see data been populated into
m1_back at all.

the m1_back measurement existed before i created this continuous query.

You can check inside InfluxDB to see if the query was succesful or not, if you log into the Influx CLI

1) use _internal
2) select * from cq order by desc limit 5


If it is failing, then it could be that the query is taking longer to finish that the resample time. As in, you resample every minute but the query might take 1 minute 10 seconds. In which case the query will never complete.

Unfortunately you can’t edit a CQ once it’s been defined, so you might have to remove the current one and play around a little with different time settings.

thank you @philb.
but i have checked and that’s not the case… it takes only takes 5-10 seconds when i run the select query for now() to now()-10m time range to populate the m1_back measurement.
is there any log where i can check what really happened when the continuous query ran?
i have set log-enabled = true in the influxdb.conf file

i am actually fetching three month time range data into a measurement and for the data that is older than 1 month i want to change the granularity to 1m(which originally is 10s). can i do both of these task through one CQ.
fetch all the data that lies between now() and now()-90d as it is and set the granularity for data between now()-30d to now()-90d to 1m.