Failure of some Continuous Queries to Capture Data on InfluxDB 1.8x, thoug they work when ran manually

When using influxdb continuous queries, they fail to capture data, but when you run the select into statement manually there are results in the query set, and they are then written to the appropriate retention policies as expected.

Most of the CQ’s are running fine, generating 3 lots of averaged down data, 1m/5m/15m however some of the CQ’s have stopped writing data.

When I enabled monitoring on the CQ’s

Aug 19 07:20:07 ngauge01 influxd: ts=2023-08-19T07:20:07.803266Z lvl=info msg=“Finished continuous query” log_id=0jjhY7_W000 service=continuous_querier trace_id=0jkAV7UW002 op_name=continuous_querier_execute name=cq_1m_ora_actsess db_instance=telegraf written=0 start=2023-08-19T07:19:00.000000Z end=2023-08-19T07:20:00.000000Z duration=0ms

Note 0 Written

But when I run the query from the CQ CMD

SELECT mean(“act_sess_per_cpu”) AS “act_sess_per_cpu” INTO “10_days”.“1m_ora_actsesscpu” FROM “ora_actsesscpu” GROUP BY time(1m),*
name: result
time written

0 5467

SELECT mean(“act_sess_per_cpu”) AS “act_sess_per_cpu” INTO “35_days”.“5m_ora_actsesscpu” FROM “24_hours”.“ora_actsesscpu” GROUP BY time(5m),*
name: result
time written

0 1100

There are records for 1m and 5m Samples.

It’s not happening on all the CQ’s and I cannot find a pattern.

Any advice would be appreciated.