Telegraf-vsphere max VMs


I am quite new to telegraf and are trying to use it to pull data from our v-center. but are sadly not seeing the VMs in our grafana setup. only 1 vm shows up, and for some reason VM summery hits 400 and does not go higher. after trying to debug telegraf i see the following lines:

[inputs.vsphere] Find(VirtualMachine, /*/vm/**) returned 851 objects

By that the summery should be 851.

Next thing i see in regards to the VMs is this:

2020-02-18T13:52:00Z D! [inputs.vsphere] Interval estimated to 20s
2020-02-18T13:52:00Z D! [inputs.vsphere] Collecting metrics for 400 objects of type vm for
2020-02-18T13:52:00Z D! [inputs.vsphere] Queuing query: 400 objects, 13600 metrics (0 remaining) of type vm for Total objects 400 (final chunk)
2020-02-18T13:52:00Z D! [inputs.vsphere] Query for vm has 400 QuerySpecs

have been looking around for a setting that limits the VMs to 400 but can seem to find anything.
I dont know if the issue is in this or somewhere else, i get metrics on that v-center CPU,RAM and so on. so parts of the setup is working. hope someone can help.