Telegraf - SNMP - Nutanix - InfluxDB - Grafana


I’m trying to create a Grafana dashboard using InfluxDB as a datasource with telegraf grabbing snmp values and we’re trying to capture Nutanix performance metrics which I can get values from but the problem is that I can’t determine a way of enumerating multiple values i.e. list of vms - each vm’s details - like cpu %, memory, etc. How can we make sure the enumerated list of vms be up to date? what if a vms are added or removed.

I can’t seem to find a sample set of code as an example how to do this with telegraf.conf properly,
Here is a description of MIB info for Nutanix -

I’ll copy paste the MIB info on reply post.
I was hoping can point me in a direction or tell me if its not possible.

Thank you,