Telegraf SNMP config advice

Need some advice, i have possibly hundreds of devices (same model) to collect the same checks for.
i originally want to create a new Time-series per device & save it t each time series but this does not appear possible after talking to one of the contributors

question 1 - i have current done the following in the config, before their suggestion
agents = [ “ip”, “ip” , “ip” ]

  • is it possible to tag these inside agents or do i require to spilt these agents up and duplicate checks just for tagging purposes.

question 2. when you go to SELECT SERIES inside influxdb it comes back with the series name
wondered if their was a way to name this SERIES netgear-model for example?

Hello @Smogsy,
Welcome! I’m not sure that I’m the best person to answer your question, but I will do my best as I ask around.
Question 1: Your question is a little confusing to me. By agent are your referring tothe core part of Telegraf that gathers metrics from the declared input plugins and sends metrics to the declared output plugins, based on the plugins enabled by the given configuration? If so there isn’t an “ip” part of that config.
Can you clarify what you mean here?
Otherwise perhaps selectors could be useful to you?

Question 2: There is no way to name series that I’m aware of. However, you might consider creating a tag for each series?

With regards to IP I meant the physical IP
Indeed the agent addresses of the input configuration

Eg agents = [ “”, “”] etc
I worked it out in the end however due to a bug where if one age t is offline all checks fail this not valid option :pensive:

Question 2 I did this in the end. The documentation on telegraf is very poor for real world examples