Telegraf not able to parse Cisco QoS Stats correctly

I happened to run into this exact same problem with Cisco QoS Stats. We’ve been able to the sniff the router sending all the info to telegraf correctly, but when we sniff the communication between telegraf and influxdb, we only see class-default, just like on the issue below.

Can someone point us in the right direction on how to fix it?

We uncommented this line in telegraf.conf:

embedded_tags = [“Cisco-IOS-XR-qos-ma-oper:qos/interface-table/interface/input/service-policy-names/service-policy-instance/statistics/class-stats/class-name”]

And substituted “input” for “output”, since that’s the direction we’re monitoring.

Thanks a lot for taking the time!


Are there any logs or errors from Telegraf? Per that issue, you linked it sounded like the embedded_tags option is there to help parse these additional lines. Are you certain you have the path correct?

I would also consider running with debug. There aren’t many additional messages from the cisco mdt plugin, but they may provide some additional info.