Telegraf modbus Frequency

Hi, i had a look to the modbus input for telegraf, but it’s a bit unknown to me how do I control the frequency of data.
I can’t see any parameter to control how often i poll the slaves, any hint is wellcome.

All plugins collect at the agent-level setting interval by default. When not set to anything, this defaults to 10 seconds. You can override this setting on a per-input basis by specifying the interval setting in your input config. Check out that and other input settings here: telegraf/docs/ at master · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

Thanks, much appreciated. Can the interval setting be dynamic ? Or to change that is need to kill the telegraf process change the interval and restart ?

No, it is read during startup. Changing the value requires restarting telegraf.

You can use the --watch-config option which would restart telegraf for you should the config file update. This essentially does a restart as well.