Telegraf json_string_fields for string arrays

I have an influxdb, telegraf and Chronograf stack running and it is showing data coming from an MQTT broker. The data comes in JSON format and looks similar to this:

    "msgid": "id1",
    "senderid": "id2",
    "measures": [
            "type": "O",
            "value": "value1"
            "type": "CO2",
            "value": "value2"

To be able to analyze the different values I need telegraf to load the type and value strings. I have defined the json_string_fields like this:

json_string_fields = ["msgid","senderid","measures_0_type","measures_1_type","measures_0_value","measures_1_value"]

This way I can perform queries over the data but it is limited to the first two measures. Is there any way to define all the ocurrences of the array? Some kind of wildcard? I have tried “measures_*_type” but it did not work.

Hi @jordi,

Were you able to solve this?
I have the same requirement.