Telegraf input plugins not found


I have telegraf without some plugins on it… right now I am trying to add nginx and tomcat plugins to run and both of them fails when adding to the .conf file…and they make the service to fail.

Is there any way to update the plugins for telegraf???

All of the plugins are built into the agent, so to get updates you should install the latest version of Telegraf. If you post the error you are receiving and the relevant parts of your configuration file then maybe someone can help you figure out the issue.

Hi daniel

of course…
this is the error that I get :

E! Error parsing /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf, Undefined but requested input: tomcat

this is the tomcat plugin

URL of the Tomcat server status

url = “

HTTP Basic Auth Credentials

username = "tomcat"
password = “tomcat”

Request timeout

timeout = “5s”

I am using the latest Telegraf version:
Telegraf v1.3.5 (git: release-1.3 7192e68b2423997177692834f53cdf171aee1a88)

The tomcat plugin was added only in version 1.4, which has been tagged but I’m still updating some of the links and documentation. Keep an eye on this site for an announcement or grab it from here for now.

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