Telegraf / Influxdb Parse Base 64 data payload


I am bringing in sensor data from an MQTT feed into an InfluxDB which is working great - Thank you to the Telegraf Team!

My sensor data has within it a data field (which contains the temp, humidity, battery evel etc of the sensor). This value is imported as a base64 value. I am presently using NodeRed to decode and parse the data.

Does anyone know what my best course of action is on how to process that value - decode from base 64 and parse the payload into the various ‘useful’ values and store alongside the origional data.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Decoding the base64 values and storing them alongside their base64 cousins sounds like a made-to-order use case for a kapacitor script.

It’s also possible that you could edit the MQTT plugin in telegraf to to the decode and simultaneous write, but I think kapacitor would be the best route.



Thanks David, I havent played at all with Kapacitor but it sounds like that is about to change!


If anyone knows of any useful tutorials or examples which would help me deliver this soltuion within kapacitor I woul dbe grateful.