Telegraf in Docker - Basic Guide

Hi! Can you guys recommend a good guide for starters. I’m running Docker containers in Ubuntu with InfluxDB, Grafana, Node-Red, Mosquitto, etc. I need help with Telegraf. My goal is to read data from MQTT Sensors using Mosquitto and store this data in InfluxDB. Where should I install Telegraf? What is the best approach? Can someone recommend a Docker Stack? Or maybe a basic guide for starters. =) I was able to run a similar setup with Node-Red instead of Telegraf, but I think this might be a better. Thanks in Advance!


Hello @isa7667,
Welcome! I’m not sure what the best setup is. I think that depends on how many sensors you have, what type of metrics you’re trying to collect, and what you’re ultimately trying to achieve. I can recommend the following resources however:
InfluxDB 2.0 Docker Images

Influx 1.x Docker Sandbox

MQTT Consumer Telegraf Input Plugin

Blog on Continuous Deployment of Telegraf w Node-Red

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Thanks Ana!!! This is very helpful!

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