/telegraf.d/ spezial way to call up or how to check if running?

i have a Telegraf installation with a telegraf.conf file working fine
i have some more file added in /telegraf.d/

commands = [“/usr/local/bin/updates2telegraf”]
timeout = “10s”
data_format = “influx”

how to check if this file is called up too?
Is there something in the Master conf file to enable to check also on /telegraf.d/ ?

i use
Telegraf 1.24.3

have a nice day

If you are calling telegraf via the CLI or in a script you need to add the following to look at that directory as well:

--config-directory /telegraf.d/

If you are running Telegraf as a service, via the RPM or DEB, then it will automatically look at /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf and /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d

how to check if this file is called up too?

I like to use the [[outputs.file]] to see what metrics telegraf is generating. It will print all metrics to stdout.

Thanks a Lot @jpowers
my file has this line too
ExecStart=/usr/bin/telegraf -config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf -config-directory /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d $TELEGRAF_OPTS

so it should be running.

so i will have to wait a bit longer for updates, to see it it’s working

have a nice day

Also, you can run a

systemctl status telegraf

And it should report back a line with Loaded inputs letting you know what it’s monitoring.

  • kick the telegraf service first before checking status, or run telegraf with a --test param as it is in your service file ie /usr/bin/telegraf --test -config /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf -config-directory /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d

ok thanks for your help, seems to work