Status of telegraf agent running/not running in ARMv7

Hello all,

I am running telegraf on Kerlink Isation (Linux ARMv7 machine). I want to check the status of the telegraf on the kerlink gateway. Can anyone guid me what commands I can use to get the status of the agent and to start/stop the service.

Assuming you have installed telegraf via a deb or rpm package, which runs telegraf as a systemd service, then to check the status of the service:

systemctl status telegraf


systemctl start telegraf


systemctl stop telegraf

Thanks @jpowers for responding very quick. But my machine doesn’t support systemctl. I have downloaded telegraf using Linux Binary ARMv7 file. What commands I can use apart from the systemctl?

That file provides a binary and does not install telegraf as a service.

You would then only run the binary yourself via something like:

./telegraf --config <config file>

Please check out the readme for more examples.

Since telegraf is not installed as a service, I cannot start/stop or see the status??

There is no status to watch unless you install the agent as a service

@Pavan_Ravuru you can use Linux tools like ps (or pgrep) to find out if the telegraf process is running and kill (or pkill) to stop the Telegraf process… This is rather a general Linux question than Telegraf specific.

Am I missing something here?