Telegraf as Windows service failed after Windows 7 reboot

I am installing telegraf as Windows service in Windows 7 and Windows 10 with the command below.

telegraf.exe --config "C:\Program Files\Telegraf\telegraf.conf" --config-directory "C:\Program Files\telegraf\telegraf.d" --service install

After Windows 10 rebooted, telegraf works well and is started automatically.
But after Windows 7 rebooted, telegraf can’t work. telegraf isn’t started automatically.
I don’t see anything in logs too.
Do I miss any settings in Windows 7? Please guide, thanks.

My environment is
Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
telegraf 1.4.4

I solved my problem.
The problem only occurred when I use chocolatey to install telegraf.

If I download telegraf by hand, install it as windows service.
It works as well in Windows 7 and Windows 10.

So my option is not to use chocolatey to install telegraf.

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