Windows telegraf.d directory

I am customizing the telegraf.conf and put it under telegraf.d directory.

I am installing the service with below command:
C:\Program Files\Telegraf\base> .\telegraf.exe -config ‘C:\Program Files\Telegraf\base\telegraf.conf’ -config-directo
ry ‘C:\Program Files\Telegraf\base\telegraf.d’ --service install

Its running successfully. Telegraf service is also running successfully.

The problem is : It does not read the file under telegraf.d. I dont see anything in logs too. Please guide.

Please let me know if I am missing anything or this. or any solution to this problem.

Try running --service uninstall and then run the full command again, I don’t think the service is modified otherwise.

Thanks Daniel. I tried that too , still issue is seen.

Does it work when not running as a service?

If service is not running, then how the logs would be picked up. Sorry I didnt get the question. The problem is customized config is not picked up in telegraf.d but when I make it as main telegraf.conf , it works.

If you run it interactively without the -service flag does it work? I believe it should log to the logfile in this case which by default is:

logfile = "/Program Files/Telegraf/telegraf.log"

I modified the logfile path to some other location to verify the logs are written from the file in telegraf.d , but logfile is not even created , it means that file is not picked up on telegraf running in windows.

Can you open a new issue on github?