Telegraf Agent Upgrade

Currently on Telegraf Agent version 1.23.1

Are there any cons for this version and what is the most stable version of telegraf at the moment; what are the possible work that will need to be done to move to this version.

Looking forward to your responses ; Thanks all

@user_007 The current stable Telegraf version is noted in the Telegraf release notes (as of writing this response, its 1.30.1).

Upgrading the agent is a pretty simple process. You simply download the newest version of telegraf and replace your existing telegraf binary with the new one. The biggest gotcha that you need to watch out for are deprecated plugins and plugin options that have been removed (a bunch were in Telegraf 1.30.0).

One thing you can do is download the most recent version of Telegraf and use the telegraf config migrate command to read your Telegraf configuration and migrate any deprecated plugins or plugin options to their modern replacements.

Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.