Telegraf agent stops with opcua connection failure

Hi guys,

Am having an odd issue, my telegraf service stops logging any inputs if my opcua connection is disconnected. If it can’t connect to the url, it should only skip the opcua input but it stops executing all together. My opcua input is at the bottom, but still not work.


Telegraf’s current behavior is to stop when there is a connection error to a device. This is to prevent situations where you are collecting data and think everything is working but only realize at a later date that something is not reporting data.

For example, if someone typos an IP address or mistypes a filename, if Telegraf were to continue running it would cause confusion to end-users.

For greater resilience, if you know a device may come and go, what many users will do is add a message queuing service, like rabbitmq or kafka, before Telegraf.

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