Telegraf 1.6 rc3 inputs.sqlserver writes string values and not integer values inside sqlserver_performance

I use input.sqlserver with the measurement sqlserver_performance,sqlserver_server_properties.
I see that the Measurement sqlserver_server_properties writes integer Value but sqlserver_performance write values as Strings.
name: sqlserver_performance
fieldKey fieldType
value string
name: sqlserver_server_properties
fieldKey fieldType
cpu_count integer
db_offline integer
The Problem is that i cannot use Aggregation like “mean” and so over this values. Is it pssible to write these values as integer or floats?

sqlserver_performance,counter=Query,host=hamd,instance=User\ counter\ 9,object=SQLServer:User\ Settable,sql_instance=HAMD value=“0.000000000000” 1522841856000000000
sqlserver_server_properties,host=ham,sql_instance=HAMD,sql_version=12.0.2000.8 db_suspect=0i,uptime=17249i,db_restoring=0i,server_memory=33553840i,cpu_count=4i,db_recovering=0i,db_online=8i,db_offline=0i,db_recoveryPending=0i 1522841856000000000

Thanks so much for helping test. I think this is a bug, can you open a new issue on github?

Ok :slight_smile: