Telegraf 1.3.0-rc3

We have released a third release candidate for 1.3.0. Please see the changelog for release notes.

This release candidate contains several packaging fixes for SLES based systems, users of the rpm are especially encouraged to test out these packages.

If you find a bug, please open a new issue.

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Hey @daniel, we’ve actually come across an issue with WriteStream using UDP endpoints. The udp_payload size option exists and is configurable, but only ends up sending data in chunks as large as udp_payload.

The previous functionality from the legacy v2 client would actually chunk the data with a timestamp before sending to the conn, meaning we’d split the buf up to udp_payload - some_amount_to_fit_timestamp. That’s not happening right now which is causing errors when writing a full udp_payload amount (can’t parse properly). As an example, try out the nstat and mysql plugins that have a lot of fields

Should we submit an Issue on github for this? We found most of this with @jason’s help.

Add payload split --
Remove v2 client  --

Thanks @sebito91, I’m taking a look now.

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Is this issue going to make it into this release?

Telegraf tail & logparser should handle deleted & newly created files #1829

I did not see it in the changelog

@Michael_Ottati Yes, this is in the release. Looks like the changelog entry was accidentally removed, I’ll add it back.

@Michael_Ottati It is listed as #2141.