Stream events in influxDB 2.0

We’re exploring the option of using influxDB is the underlying technology suite for a new product.
I have already accomplished:

  • install influxdb2
  • connect through external API (Java client)
  • push data from our system to a bucket.

What I need to do now:

  • create a stream event which will run on each update to the bucket.
    (Nothing fancy for now, just some comparisons on fields and measurements in the bucket)
  • perform an action in case some conditions in the task code are met.

I have tried saving a data-explorer->query as a task, but that requires a period.
I have tried through the tasks menu -> create a new task, with the same issue.

Could someone please send me in the right direction?


We only support batch with Tasks ATM, but streaming is planned later this year.

Still, a short batch interval of 1m would allow you to accomplish this. Let me know if this helps :grinning:

Thanks for your reply,
ATM, 1 ms intervals aren’t enough,
Would I be able to stream events on an earlier version (Kapacitor 1.5)?