Stream events in influxDB 2.0

We’re exploring the option of using influxDB is the underlying technology suite for a new product.
I have already accomplished:

  • install influxdb2
  • connect through external API (Java client)
  • push data from our system to a bucket.

What I need to do now:

  • create a stream event which will run on each update to the bucket.
    (Nothing fancy for now, just some comparisons on fields and measurements in the bucket)
  • perform an action in case some conditions in the task code are met.

I have tried saving a data-explorer->query as a task, but that requires a period.
I have tried through the tasks menu -> create a new task, with the same issue.

Could someone please send me in the right direction?


We only support batch with Tasks ATM, but streaming is planned later this year.

Still, a short batch interval of 1m would allow you to accomplish this. Let me know if this helps :grinning:

Thanks for your reply,
ATM, 1 ms intervals aren’t enough,
Would I be able to stream events on an earlier version (Kapacitor 1.5)?

@rawkode May I ask what is the current state of streaming support in InfluxDB 2.0?

I have added a feature request to Grafana to support streaming in InfluxDB data source (as in here) but there does not seem to be any documentation nor any other information about the subject yet besides this thread.

With 2.0 RC ss there already something that could be used to stream data points as they are received by the DB?

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Hello, is there an update about supporting streams in influxdb 2?


Leaving this comment to show that I would like this functionality as well.

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@rawkode Is this feature still on your 2021 roadmap? I just would like to have more visibility to make the right choices for my upcoming project.

For the context, I have the same constraints as the OP. Having a 1-minute interval would be too much of a delay. My understanding is that I can use Kapacitor for streaming. But it would add more complexity to the setup and it’s a different DSL to deal with. So I would rather have everything in InfluxDB and use the Flux language.


Just checking in here as we’re keen to move from 1.8, but the lack of streaming is a complete blocker. Any information would be great. Thanks.