Strange error unable to parse just for some rows of my data in InfluxDB 1.8

Hi all!,

I am new with Influx. I am working with version 1.8. I am getting an error when writing some rows of data whereas other are perfectly valid. I do not know what it may happening and I would appreciate a bit of help with this.

The error I am getting is:

{“error”:“unable to parse ‘radars,borough=“Staten Island”,link_id=4616198,timecode=1547803694 speed=18.01,name=“WSE N-SIE E SOUTH AVENUE - SOUTH AVENUE”,longitude=-73.999191,latitude=40.76375,metric=18.01,travel_time=333,links_name=“WSE N-SIE E SOUTH AVENUE - SOUTH AVENUE” 1547803694’: invalid field format”}

What freaks me out is that most part of data is loaded correctly whereas an important part is still missing because of this error.

Could anyone help me?