Stopping InfluxDB on Windows

we are using InfluxDB on different platforms, including Windows. The problem we have is that we want to start and stop the database instance from within our application (the reason why should not be part of this issue). Starting is no problem but gracefully shutting it down is. There is no easy way to programmatically send Ctrl+C the the process (even if you know the pid), so we are looking for other possibilities.

We do not want to start InfluxDB as a service since it should be possible to run multiple instances on the same machine, so e.g. tools like nssm (which lets InfluxDB run as service under Windows) cannot be used. We tried to sent different signals to the influx process, but what works perfectly under Linux does not work under Windows. We now are using a tool called windows-kill which seems to to the job but having an API command would be the best solution.
Is there anything available or planned?