Enabling Logging of InfluxDb Running as Windows Service


I have a situation where InfluxDb sometimes will crash/restart and the entries in the Windows Event Log is not enought to debug the issue.

I have problems enabling logging of InfluxDb when running InfluxDb on Windows as a service (through nssm). I have succeded in enabling HTTP request logging by setting [access-log-path = “/test/access.log”] in influxdb.conf. However I cannot get the general InfluxDb logging to be written to file.

Do any of you have any advise on how to achieve this?

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I have the same problem.

Could you solved it?



I have a solution.
When we use nssm to install Influx Service you can choose I/O redirection (Inptu, Output and Error) in the windows that open after write in cmd “nssm.exe install service_name”