Influxd log output to file in windows



I am using InfluxDb on a Windows platform.
The log data that is shown in the command console, is this data also written to a file?
Where can I find this file?



If you’re running InfluxDB directly (i.e., with the influxd command), it’s not automatically written to a file, but you can redirect it to a file.

If you’re running the InfluxDB service, it is written to /var/log/influxdb/influxd.log, which obviously isn’t the same in Windows. I’ll do some research and try to find where it logs automatically in Windows. In the meantime, there are instructions for setting the log file here.


If you want to run influx as a service you can use nssm (non sucking service manager) to create the service and it can redirect std out to a file for you


But, how can I enable the log?
I have this at the config file

log-enabled = true

where is the log file in windows?
I use influx as a service with nssm.



I have a solution.
When we use nssm to install Influx Service you can choose I/O redirection (Inptu, Output and Error) in the windows that open after write in cmd “nssm.exe install service_name”

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