Static legends in InfluxDB2 UI

Are static legends available in Dashboard cells yet? They are mentioned in the Dashboards tips pop-up as:

"Static Legend Tips:

Click Focus on single Series
Shift + Click Show/Hide single Series"

but I can’t find anywhere in the cell config panel to enable them and providing the ‘legend’ element in JSON as:
"legend": { "type": "static", "orientation": "bottom" },
doesn’t help either.

Does anyone have an idea when/if this feature will be available?

(using the influxdb_2.0.0-beta.3_linux_amd64 build)

I too would like to know when this feature is going to appear.
As @antoinej says they are mentioned in the (?) button at the top of a Dashboard but other than that it’s a mystery how we could get the promising feature.


Up, yes me too, i really annoying

any progress on this? i believe it also depends on query, does it? thank you, pavel