Chronograf 2 graph value legend

I moved Influxdb/Chronograf from 1.x to 2.x and what I’m missing in the Chronograf visualisation is the ability to name/legend the displayed graph data lines. For instance, when I have a query on data named “sensor_temperature_room_1”, the name will be displayed as such. In Chronograf 1.x, there was a possibility to query "“sensor_temperature_room_1 as Bedroom Temperature” in order to show a more friendly name in the graphs

Is that possible in Chronograf 2?


Hello @JanC ,
You can change the Y axis label. Does that help you?

what I’m looking for is the static legend. It’s documented here but I don’t find the option Static Legend Show

I’m using influxdb v2.0.8


Hi! I have encountered the same problem @JanC is describing.
In Chronograf v1, it was pretty easy to assign “alias” to the measurements, so for example, instead of displaying the full route of the variable, you could say “Temperature-01”.
Now I have a big name of the last value, for example:

Is there any option I did not check, or maybe with FluxQL?
Is there any roadmap to have this again in Chronograf v2?