Grafana User Questions on Chronograf

I’m used to Grafana, so a couple of these points will be pretty obvious to a Chronograf user. I could use a little help.

I’ve been experimenting with local statistics for macOS using Telegraf and influxdb running in docker. I’m partial to Grafana (sorry! :grin:) but figured I should test out some of the latest changes since I last used Chronograf.

Here’s a couple things I’m not clear on.

  1. My favorite grafana feature is the ability to pick a format of the data and it converts into a “prettified” version. For instance, seconds can be turned into a “1 hour 2 mins” or “62 mins”, depending on your preference. I only see suffix in the Chronograf panels, so I’d like to know if it’s possible to do in Chronograf? Is the presentation layer not expected to handle this and instead I need to use custom/prebuilt Fluxql functions for this?

  2. Is there an equivalent of graph + side legend with the stats like Grafana provides on the side?

Hello @sheldonh,
Thank you for your feedback! It would be really appreciated if you could create a feature request.
You could use flux to represent timestamps differently.

And drop the “_time” column.
There isn’t a graph+side legend though.

We have an issue for this already in Giraffe that we’re prioritizing:

@sheldonh if you want to add yourself in a comment on GitHub then you’ll get updates.