Static field values do not seem to create new entries in database

Hi folks,

I’m new to influx and telegraf and a network engineer by trade. I am using telegraf to collect GNMI data to send to influx. I am successfully able to get the data from the remote host.

This is BGP related data that doesn’t change frequently. The problem is that influx is not writing new entries for each value. When I start collection I immediately get the following…

select count(*) from bgp_neighbor_state
name: bgp_neighbor_state
time count_description count_enabled count_established_transitions count_last_established count_messages/received/UPDATE count_messages/sent/UPDATE count_neighbor_address count_peer_group count_send_community count_session_state

0 5 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9

telegraf keeps sending new entries but influx isn’t adding them. I don’t understand why. Is it because the field values are changing?

If that is the case how can I graph slowly changing values?